Future fundraiser – a call to action

SHOT: July 16-17, 2011
UPLOADED TO YouTube: August 7, 2011

I followed the Circle of Friends team on their 150-mile Bike MS Mid Michigan Breakaway with a Sony HXR MC1 strapped to my helmet – looking forward on the way out and backward on the return. For this story of our fundraising ride, I locked into the concept of an “open letter to Amelia” – the two-week-old daughter of team captain and founding member, Tanya Nordhaus.

While the last Circle of Friends video featured footage accelerated to 1200%, this time I slowed down most of the shots to achieve a dreamlike sense of our vision of a future ride.

Again, the most critical ingredient: a call to action! Because you don’t think we’re out here doing this for our health, do you…? We’re doing it for the 18,000 people living with MS in Michigan.

And, speaking of action – take some yourself: DONATE HERE  or view all CIRCLE OF FRIENDS’ VIDEOS

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