Recycling – bike…camera…action?

SHOT: May, 2011 with footage from 2008, 09, 10

Flip Video calls it the “Action Tripod,” but, once it was velcroed to my bike, it had a little more action than I would have liked. Every crack in the pavement seemed to morph into a serious speed bump and my nifty little HD Ultra jiggled like a Baywatch beach bunny. So much for a bike’s eye view of the training route that the Circle of Friends team follows as we prepare for the Bike MS Tour – a 150 mile ride to raise funds for the National MS Society.

Rather than simply delete mile after mile after endless mile of shaky footage, I accelerated the view by 1200%, applied a posterization effect and used it as a background motif for random scenes and interview soundbites from an original interview with Circle of Friends team captain, Tanya Nordhaus, conducted in 2008.

After adding heavy breathing and heartbeats to the soundtrack, I added the most critical ingredient: a call to action! Because you don’t think we’re out here doing this for our health, do you…? We’re doing it for the 18,000 people living with MS in Michigan.

And, speaking of action: DONATE HERE  or view all CIRCLE OF FRIENDS’ VIDEOS

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