The Eighties…a starting point

SHOT: 1983

Except for TV Production-241 at MSU, this is the first video I storyboarded and art directed and for which I served as production designer. Looking back on its overwhelming 80s-ness, I guess the most polite thing you could say is that I was paying attention.

Produced and directed by Trent Tomlinson (another MSU Grad), lots of the budget for this video went to the folks at Southfield’s Postique post-production studio.

Trent had a passion for special effects and I had a passion for Day-Glo spray paint. I guess the most polite thing you could say is that neither looked quite as good in the final product as they did in our imaginations. But, don’t bother being polite – enjoy it for what it is… my first real world video experience. It won an award – an “Addy” for Excellence in Video. It also got me hooked on video.

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