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Back to School – Award Winners make a great TEAM

November 27, 2013

LOCATION SHOOT: Oct. 21, Oct. 28, Nov. 1, 2013

As the principal producer for the TEAMS Award videos – sponsored by Gale and Library Media Connection – from 2005-2009, it was an honor to be picked to produce this year’s winners.  A teacher-media specialist team are picked from an elementary, middle and high school and hosted at an Awards Banquet held during the American Association of School Librarians. One of my favorite subjects to document, the challenge of this project was shooting at locations in North Carolina, British Columbia and Connecticut, then turning the entire project around in three weeks’ time. Canadian winner is featured above; other winners can be found at:

TWISTED HIGH – Scholars & Storytellers in a Detroit high school

August 13, 2013

SCENES SHOT: September, 2012 – July, 2013
PRODUCTION: Documentary In progress

248 Pencils has captured every performance of the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers since September, 2012. Now, we’re following the Society’s creator, curator and host, Satori Shakoor, as she brings her passion for storytelling to students in Detroit high schools through a series of workshops. “Twisted High – Scholars & Storytellers” will document the workshops, the students, their stories and their final performances in front of a live audience.