Who’s Keeping Score?

EDITED: April 3, 2012
POSTED TO TIGER VISION: Opening Day- April 5, 2012

How long does it take your YouTube video to get 45,027 views?

If you’re not featuring dancing kittens, flashing body parts or documenting extreme wipe-outs, you can probably expect to wait quite a while before hitting even triple digits.

That’s why the prospect of posting a 30 second spot on Tiger Vision at Comerica Park for Opening Day was so enticing – better than a truckload of SEO.

The fact that it had to be turned around in less than a day made it something of a challenge, but not as great a challenge as getting the content to conform to the standards and expectations of MLB and the Tigers organization. Turns out, you can’t disparage the opposing team, mimic their logo or mock their home town (where’s the fun in that for a rabid fan?).

So, we compiled some visuals from an earlier video series; recruited a wasp, a bedbug and a spider and put them up on the scoreboard.

The reaction?

Some say we hit it out of the park.

This ad led to editing a 13-episode series for Rose that lasted into the post-season. Here’s the scoreboard video from a Division Championship game.

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