CEO, CIO, CFO @ MSGCU – Alphabet Soup Spells Success for Employee Portal

SHOT: March 1 and 12, 2012
WEB PORTAL LAUNCH: April 1, 2012

Screen captures from four videos appearing on the Michigan Schools & Government Crdedit Union employee web portal.

Because a large share of its staff are actively serving Members during business hours, the Michigan Schools & Government Credit Union (MSGCU) launched a Web portal for employee communications. For the debut, the Credit Union wanted to include messages from the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Information Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Each would discuss last year’s achievements and the goals for the coming year; and each had a unique approach that required different imagery to support and convey their message. We shot and edited three presentations, incorporating charts, images and branding visuals to enhance the executive messages.

Next, the Operations Group – the Chief Operations Officer and two Regional Directors – conducted a three-way conversation that explored the Credit Union’s Purpose, Vision and Brand Promise.

An animated introduction and visuals throughout incorporated the MSGCU logo, branding fonts and colors.

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