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Satori Shorts – Precious Moments between Storytellers

June 6, 2014

SHOOT: 3 Cameras – April 18, 2014

248 pencils has captured and produced video for the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers since September, 2012. The humorous, captivating and compelling real-life stories from this unique Detroit-based series have been viewed by thousands in performance and on YouTube. It occurred to us that viewers who missed the live events were also missing the short, hilarious bits between storytellers provided by the masterful Satori Shakoor. In April, 2014, we introduced a new feature to the Twisted Storytellers channel – “Satori Story Shorts.” [See other stories as well as music and dance performances:]

Video on Demand – New Service responds to Academic Trends

June 6, 2014

SHOOT: Interviews (10-11-2013) plus Archival Video Footage

Responding to the burgeoning demand for video to support academic research and coursework, information publisher ProQuest has developed a service that spans the needs of media archives in colleges and universities around the world. Interviews conducted during the Consortium of College and University Media Centers [CCUMC] were intercut with archival video footage and product features to create a 2-minute introduction to the service. Collections will benefit from preservation through digitization, searchability and hosting.